Friday, May 18, 2012

Pictures of Preservation 3

One of the many challenges of today in Film Preservation comes from the Diversity of material now available.  We tend to identify "Hollywood Productions" as the items requiring most needed preservation efforts, however with the recent rise of regional Archives, and the Orphan films movement as well as a new emphasis on "Home Movies" the scope of material needed preservation consideration has grown exponentially.  Each of the Photos below come from the Regional Archives and related sites mentioned above.  The captions for the photo's will take you to the website of those mentioned.


There are now many places who provide services related to
"Small Format Films"(16mm, 8mm, etc).  One of the best of
 these is the Little Film Website.  They offer many areas of
 service related to Preservation and copying of these formats.

Little Film

So we have learned that preservation is truly everyone's business, from the major Hollywood Productions to the 8mm family Movies your parents took of your 8th birthday.  History is made in some way, shape or form every day.  It is in all of our best interests to become involved in any way we can to preserve this history.  If you haven't already, please consider donating today.


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