Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Forward Look Back Part 4

Time to summarize  What we have found is something we may not have realized about Film Preservation.  There has over time developed a popular misconception that the Films of previous eras are here by accident, or oversight, that just isn't true.  Yes, films have been found in attics, abandoned swimming pools, under chicken coops, every conceivable place, but we remember these because the stories that surround them are mysterious and exciting.  Through the work of many dedicated and insightful people a lot of these films are still with us.  In the teens through the auspices of the National Board of Fire Underwriters the first Standards for Handling and Storage of Nitrate Film were developed. In the 1920's there was a Bill submitted before Congress to Preserve and Store Historical Films, Will Hays in the 1920's had discussion with Executive Dept.  Staff about Film Vaults in or around the White House. The SMPE formed a Preservation Committee in the 1930's to Develop Standards for the Storage and Handling of Film. MOMA, the Library of Congress , National Archives, UCLA, Eastman House all had a hand in developments in Film preservation. As time has gone by, we have found new areas of concern in Film Preservation, Color Fading, Vinegar Syndrome, and other scourges on the life of film have kept the dedicated folks at Archives busier than ever looking for solutions to all of these problems.
        This "Blogathan" has been wonderful in allowing an exchange of thoughts from many different viewpoints  with regards to Preservation, it has helped inform and raise awareness of many issues. Everyone who contributed deserves Kudos for their efforts, but the next step is key.  Keep your voices heard. Lets not fade away like a lot of the images now lost to the ravages of time.  


Joe Thompson said...

Bucky: I have enjoyed each of your posts, especially your stirring summation. We all need to strive to keep the cause moving forward.

Tinky said...

Well said ......... I agree that the voices this week have made a great chorus, one that should keep singing.